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Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Thank you for coming back to my page its been a honor opening this site and sharing all my craziness with you all!  Today it has been on my mind that I do want to promote the plus size fashion out there with tips and pointers on how to dress when we have a little more than we want...and still feel comfortable.  I know that I am way over the weight limit that I would want to be, but I am happy regardless.  Most of it is because when I put on something that makes me feel great I have a huge rush of confidence and I feel like well...im sure you know or have had that feeling lol.  

Make sure that you have something that works your complexion, and matches your mood...If your not feeling jeans, do some cute leggings! I feel amazing in my leggings and trust me they feel AMAZING!

Ok...Obviously this girl is not that plus size....Being a size 14 to be is not a plus size...but she was wearing the perfect leggings i wanted to explain...slouchy cute top not too reveling and some cute boots....(mine never want to stay on) but still cute!

Confidence is SO key here or your just going to have a crappy day...and for me that is way too often.

Next:  lets talk shoes.  NOW  I CAN NOT DO HEELS...but i love seeing plus size models wearing them because it gives me hope that maybe oneday my feet wont hurt so much in them! haha 

This girl shoes are perfect with the heels I am talking about...good arch and heel is like WHOA! I TOTALLY WISH I COULD HAVE HER CONFIDENCE... here i am stuck wearing flats...but I shouldn't I'm pretty sure i have tons of heels i just buy and never wear...maybe i should take my own advice. 

Well anyways next but not least THE LINGERIE:

Picture states it perfectly...SEXY has no size limit...I'm pretty sure I have had no problem with guys being my size...most good guys don't care and if they do hunny then you better run to the next one...who WILL be missing out! 

If we let the curve rule us then...we will be stuck crying over the last diet that never worked....and duh they never work because they aren't fool proof. They are the biggest myth out there that just want you to buy the book, fail and then go buy another book that someone else wrote...they make so much money of that crap...but what people should be doing is making more plus size affordable clothing stores...I hate having to pick from a whopping 2 stores that have clothes out the whazoo...and the prices with it...just cause I'm more blessed than the person next to me does not mean i need to pay a extra 35 dollars for a top the size 3 girl got for 5 dollars at forever 21....ugh that just irritates me...but apart from rambling...lets talk comfy in the lingerie!!!!  I am a teddy fanatic...but my problem is getting it and loving it at the store but when i put it on at home I HATE IT! and never wear it... so that is why I have decided to bring a friend to help me...tell me if it would look good...cause we look so different in person than what we see in the mirror....and it changes constantly.I have personally realized that longer things work better than the short ones... GIRLS IF WE JUST LEARN TO HAVE CONFIDENCE...we can show the world how great it really is to flaunt every curve that we have! I plan to make the pact and never walk outside again unless i feel amazing about the person I am in the body I have been given!!!

Make it with me :)  Until next time!


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